Spring Clergy Retreat

Monday, May 1 – Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Shrine Mont, Orkney Springs

A Gathering for Reflection, Prayer, and Sharing – Led by Father Martin Smith

This spring’s gathering will be truly a retreat and not a conference – with time and space for the clergy of the Diocese to experience renewal of spirit, reconnection with God in Creation, and relationship with Jesus as we gather in community.

Our retreat conductor will be the renown Rev. Martin L. Smith. Father Smith is well known throughout The Episcopal Church and beyond for his explorations in contemporary spirituality as a theologian, spiritual director, and retreat leader. He is the author of several books, including Reconciliation, The Word is Very Near You, and Love Set Free. (Fr, Smith was retreat leader in Fall of 2014)

The theme of our retreat will be: Whom do we want Christ to be for us just now?

Father Smith will help us to explore a viable spirituality for ordained ministers at this time in the life of our church. How can we experience the desiring of Christ for us and in us? Have we become so other-centered in service that we lose our own receptivity to grace? Whom do we want Christ to be for us as a group and as distinct individuals?


1st Address time: 1:04:02; size: 58.6 MB (Please note that the first few minutes the sound system wasn’t working well. After that it is clear.)


2nd Address time: 00:30:28; size: 27.9 MB

3rd Addresstime: 00:27:59; size: 25.6 MB

Sermon at Holy Eucharist service — time: 00:23:19; size: 21.3 MB

4th Address — time: 01:05:19; size: 59.8 MB