The Virginia Lutheran-Episcopal Joint Committee

The Virginia Lutheran-Episcopal Joint Committeewas formed as a result of the full-communion agreement between the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Episcopal Church USA in 1999-2000.  Since that time we have pursued opportunities for congregations within our area synods and dioceses to meet together and explore how we are to live into full communion.

 Participating Dioceses and Synods

Conference Recordings

June 24-26, 2019

From Crib to Cross: Lutheran-Episcopal Retreat

This year marks our third retreat, “From Crib to Cross.” In 2016 we met under the theme “In the Breaking of the Bread” with nearly 100 participants.  New this year is an open invitation to pastors, deacons, seminarians, and lay leaders who are invested in the ecumenical life of the church.  We welcome all members of the Lutheran-Anglican-Roman Catholic-United Methodist (LARCUM) organization as well.

May 15-18, 2016

In the Breaking of the Bread: Finding Christ in Full Communion

April 7 – 9, 2008

On the Ground: Called to Common Mission in Practice
A Conference of the Episcopal and Lutheran Churches in the Commonwealth of Virginia.