Annual Spring Clergy Retreat: May 7-9, 2018

“All Hearts Open … In All that You Do”: The Stewardship of Authority

With Bishop Shannon, Bishop Susan, and Bishop Bob

From Bishop Shannon:

I’m looking forward to seeing each of you at our Annual Clergy Retreat, which has been switched from October to May. Our theme is “All Hearts Open …In All that You Do,” taken respectively from the Collect for Purity and the Examination for ordination to the priesthood. This will be an important time for you, the clergy of our Diocese, to have the space to relax, reflect and re-energize in the beautiful setting of Shrine Mont.

The Stewardship of Authority

In the Examination for ordination to the priesthood, we are called in all that we do “to nourish Christ’s people from the riches of his grace.” The words for those being ordained as deacons are “to seek nourishment” from the Holy Scriptures and “to model your life upon them.” The source of these calls lies in the authority of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; the grace of these calls confers on each of us the responsibility to steward faithfully the many voices of authority that both surround us and guide us from within.

You, our clergy, had positive things to say about our retreat in 2013 when I, Bishop Goff and Bishop Gulick conducted the entire program. In grateful response, Bishop Goff, Bishop Ihloff and I are looking forward to leading the retreat for 2018. We intend to focus our discussions on sacred authority: its sources, how it calls us, and how we deploy it. We trust that this departure from the usual feature of a guest keynoter will deepen and enrich our mutual bonds of community and collegiality, as priests, deacons, and bishops.

Monday, May 7th

Plenary session 1 — Bishop Ihloff  (time – 20:45; file size 19.0 MB)

Tuesday, May 8th

Plenary session 2 part 1 — Bishop Goff (time – 24:11; file size 22.1 MB)

Plenary session 2 part 2 — Bishop Goff (time – 27:54; file size 25.5 MB)

Retreat Sermon — Canon Wingo (time – 13:01; file size 11.9 MB)

Wednesday, May 9th

Plenary session 3 — Bishop Johnston (time – 40:44; file size 37.3 MB)