Annual Bishop’s Fall Clergy Retreat: October 16-18, 2017

“All Hearts Open”

The Stewardship of Hearts The Collect for Purity is the source of our theme: “to you all hearts are open.”  In these fractious times of social, political, cultural and ecclesiological ferment and change, clergy are especially challenged to lead from and with open hearts, in service to the God of the open heart.

In his retreat meditations, our retreat facilitator, Sam Portaro will reflect upon several dimensions, perspectives and implications of this rich theme.  With time and space for personal reflection and opportunity for collegial conversation, this retreat aims to practice a stewardship of the heart that renews and strengthens.

Monday, October 16

Introductory Session (File Size: 35.4 MB; Time:  38:46)

Tuesday, October 17

Second Session (File Size: 49.3 MB; Time 53:55)

Third Session  (File Size: 56.4 MB; Time 1:01:37)

Sermon from Retreat Holy Eucharist (File Size: 23.0 MB; Time: 25:09)

Wednesday, October 18

Fourth Session (File Size: 71.1 MB; Time 1:17:44)